Saturday, 16 April 2011

Research on films for inspiration

After showcasing our film to our class we got some feeback that we should focus more on developing Dan's character to make him come across more mysterious. Therefore we bought in a variety of different films with the same genre to gain inspiration. We mainly selected gangster type films such as Bullet Boy, American Gangster. These all mainly began the same as ours with a voice over introducing the main character and giving the auidence an idea of what the films about. While watching them we all made notes on the type of voice that was portrayed on the voice over, and how we could include this in our opening to make Dan's character more convincing.

Sunday, 10 April 2011


This has been the first day where we all looked back at our work as a group. We are amazed at what we have accomplished in such a short period of time.
Words can't describe how proud we all are of our film.

We've all agreed that its been the most stressful time of our lives, as the deadlines were hard to keep too because editing was so time consuming. Daniel and Luke literally stayed up all night to get it finished. 

Now its over there's an immense weight off all our shoulders. 
We would like to take it up next year, as its also been really fun.

Thanks and goodbye,
Group Y


We've just printed our final draft of The Delivery Boy to HD video.

Our other drafts the quality hasn't been that great, so we were nervous about how it would turn out.
Luke had stayed round editing with me so we could get the video done, and it we hadn't slept at all. At 7.30 in the morning the print had finished. It had only taken 45 mins to write to HD, which compared to the other "Bad quality" versions was very fast. So naturally we thought it had gone wrong.

To back up our conclusion, we looked at the file size before we played the clip, and it was only 1 gig.
We'd been doing media for over 30 hours by the time we clicked play, and i've never been more awake in my life.
The quality is insane!
Me and Luke were literally screaming at the computer screen, which only happens on very, very rare occasions.

Media Project Complete

Last Edit

We all went to the studio, re-recorded the voiceover, recorded the music onto the track, and made loads of cuts.
The hardest task was levelling the audio throughout the whole piece. It took a long time before we got a comfortable mix. Studio quality headphones were the best thing to use for this, as you can hear every sound, and with that we probably overdone it with the audio levelling.

We'll check the project again soon after some reflection time, but other than that I think its ready to print.

The Delivery Boy

This is out final product.

We listened to what our test audiance had to say, and we re-recorded the voiceover, added music, and cut many shots out.
Now we're happy with it.

Friday, 8 April 2011

Media Blog: Evaluation

Media Evaluation: This is the evaluation we created with the 7 questions set on the year 12 practical blog.

We had some initial problems with rehearsing, as we had a lot to remember to say, and we had to try and structure it.

Thursday, 7 April 2011

Me and Luke (re)Recording the Voiceover

We hooked up the microphone to a duel channel headphone amplifier. This allowed both me and luke to hear what i sounded like on the recording, while i was recording it.
This ended up being a long and painful process, as getting the timings right was very difficult. We didn't want to edit into time too much, because we wanted to emulate natural speech. 

The microphone was recording the paper rustling as i was holding it and reading it. We spent a few minuets making a double clipboard to hold the three sheets in place. It was harder than it sounds.

Luke held the narrative so i could read, and also checked the audio whilst trying to keep the timings. 

It took a couple of hours to record and edit into the track, but we were all please with the result.